Bucket list

1. Knowing how to pickpocket, but not use these skills for criminal use

2. Knowing how to pick locks, but not use these skills for criminal use

3. Knowing how to hot wire a car, but not use these skills for criminal use

4. Knowing how to surf

5. Knowing how to skateboard

6. Living in California

7. Living in New York

8. Learning a form of martial art

9. Skydiving

10. Ziplining

11. Bungee Jumping

12. Go on a mission trip

13. Read the Bible cover to cover.

14. Rock climbing

This is not a complete list, its really just what i feel like doing now and hopefully completing within the next 5 years.



Wow! Someone is bad at remembering to write daily posts or what-not.  I wanted this to be a method to bring myself out of my shell by sharing with others in a form where there was minimal negative backlash.  This may seem like a bad way to bring myself out of my shell since in reality it is more likely that I am not connecting to anyone and I am definitely not connecting in person.  Connecting with others has been a really hard time for me, and I felt that by learning to share my life in a semi-closed off world would help me.  I am glad to say that somehow this summer I have learned how to crack and exit my shell without using wordpress.  Since I moved out on my own and none of my roommates moved in until school started; I was forced to put myself out there and meet others.  This is something that I definitely needed to become myself more and especially to become a more mature person.  A lot of things have changed some good some bad, but I am happy with all of them.  With regards to this, I always feel like I need to justify why I am writing, but that is no longer. From now on I will use this as a diary or whatever else I feel like. Because this is my way to get my thoughts out there and it does not really matter if anyone hears them, its just a good way for me to get my thoughts down.

Playing catchup

Since I was last on here a lot has changed. I have went from school to summertime, dorm to apartment.  I finished my second year of college with good grades (a`s and b`s) while working 20 to 35 hours with 17 credits. I finally picked out my major last semester! All very exciting stuff. Although the most exciting is the fact that I move out on my “own” with three other girls into an apartment. Sadly one is not being able to continue to rent so she has to find a subleaser which is sad. I am so excited for this summer and next school year. I have made many new friends, more than i thought possible and can not wait to live my life and see where I go.


I realized I am not really good at this whole blogging thing.  I think of things randomly and then I write about them, but my ideas do not come really consistently.  I also get distracted easily and get mini “obsessions” until something else has distracted me.  Lately my distraction has been watching youtube videos by FunForLous, IamCyr, Cyr1216, and Sam Pepper


If you have not watched these youtubers YOU NEED TO GO CHECK THEM OUT!  These are my three favorite youtubers because each of their videos contain content that I relate or feel connected to.  With Louis it is traveling without care, I wish to be able to do this someday.  I really like the idea of just jumping in a van with a group of friends and traveling with no specific destination, just whatever I wish to do.  I love Sams channel because of the pranks and random bits of seriousness.  The pranks are ranging from innocent to “arrestworthy?”.  I wish that I could be more daring like him.  Last, but definitely not least CYRS CHANNELS! I love his crazyness, randomness and slight awkwardness in his earlier videos.  I love his more serious ones at the beginning with the writings of “smile” on his hand.  They showed a depth to his character and made me feel as if his life may have not been perfect and that people may not have accepted him at first for who he is.  This floors me because of how successful and great he has come because it gives more reassurance to people that may not feel as normal as they would like to..  One thing that I have learned throughout my relatively short life is that kids/adults can be cruel to people that are not “normal”.  Even though this is true and it may seem easier to just try to fit in its not because I would rather be not normal and be myself because you will feel so much better about yourself and it will be a lot more interesting.

Sorry for the intense ending! It was suppose to be just on how much I love watching these three youtubers videos, but there is so much reason behind why these three in particular are my favorites

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In response to a fellow Blogger on Sam Pepper and more broader “Self-Made Celebrities”

Upon reading random posts from other people I came upon one that sounded extremely snobbish and slightly uninformed that piqued my interest to read the whole post and even the comments.  If you would like to read it, it can be found at this web address http://purplemilkshakes.wordpress.com/2011/09/12/who-is-sam-pepper/.  It is about a british youtuber named Sam Pepper.  The person obviously does not grasp why Sam is popular and so many people follow him.  The person discards Sam as a annoyance given the title and belittles what Sam does for a living.  While this blogger does point out good aspects on a grand scale his is biased and negative toward Sam and the whole youtuber idea.  While I know I am biased positively toward Sam and youtubers, I hope this will balance some of the negativity.

Until recently when I thought of Youtube, I thought of viral videos like “David Goes to the Dentist” and “Scarlet Takes a Tumble”, but a friend of mine showed me that people actually use their youtube accounts as a sort of  Tv Show.  I personally like some of these channels and have subscribed to them and watch them regularly.  Some of these people started these video blogs to log their travels, to share their lives with family and friends, and some made these channels for others enjoyments.  Something that I noticed between most of these youtubers is that they all hope to be something in industries related to acting, filming and travel.  Everyone needs to start somewhere and to be honest I feel that being active and projecting yourself out there via youtube is better than some people who travel to Hollywood in hopes to be discovered because these people are not only hoping to be discovered, but putting their abilities on display and making a name for themselves.  Some of them may use youtube as place to rant to release pent up anger, others to entertain, etc.   There are so many reasons why people use youtube and why youtubers use it.  I feel, while some people may find it annoying that these people (youtubers)  feel that they are important enough to ask and expect answers from other people, that the youtubers are important enough because of a vast amount of people gave them that authority by liking and requesting more of their videos.  To the people that do not like this I wish to say that they should not subscribe or follow the person if they find it to be such an annoyance and not blog or rant about the person being an annoyance because the youtuber is not the one that followed themselves.